My name is Edilson Cremonese, originally from Brasil. I’ve been in the U.S. since 2002. I am the owner and barista of Coffee Hub, and have an enormous passion for traveling, cycling (especially mountain biking), and the food & hospitality industries. I have traveled all over the world, visiting epic places and, of course, every single coffee shop I could find.

In 2011, I got my first espresso machine as a Christmas gift. To this day, I still have –and love– that machine. Since then, I have  been working on and improving the art of making coffee. I am a big believer in craftsmanship: to get great results, you should really have to work at something. In 2014, I decided to finally pursue my lifetime dream of opening my own coffee business in spite of having very little money. At that point, I wasn’t sure what form this business was going to take: coffee shop, coffee truck, espresso cart, or what….

Then in January 2015, I came across Velopresso: a company based in England that only had 2 prototypes. I didn’t care; I knew that this was it. It was a mix of a bicycle and espresso cart, with craftsmanship and low-carbon, pedal power…a very UNIQUE concept, not only in Europe, but worldwide. I grabbed my savings, put a deposit down, and got to work. That is pretty much how Coffee Hub was born.

The result is a highly efficient, robust and humanised machine with a compact footprint – no motors, no noise – enlightened coffee ‘on the go’, perfect for city streets and piazzas, at exhibitions and events, in parks and markets – wherever people congregate.