There are two different concepts for different events:


Open Bar/Coffee
Autonomy to make up to 40 espresso/cappuccino per hour
$95.00 set up and transportation fee
$175.00 per hour Includes everything (coffee, milk, cups, sugar, tea)


A La Carte
Espresso $2.50
Cortado $3.50
Flat white $4.00
Tea $3.00
Every drink is a double shot, that is the standard

My coffee beans are from all over the world: Specialty coffee from Kenia, Ethiopia, Bali, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc. It is usually roasted to order in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, which means that you’re always going to get the freshest product for your clients. I strive for product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Vendor prices subject to change during public events.